Ryker – Razor: A Razor-Sharp Rendition of Gritty Hip Hop


Ryker’s debut track Razor dropped in January 2018. His music translates into more than just a sound, he bypasses the superficiality through his poignantly penned lyrics and he creates pure emotion. Ryker is more of a story teller than a Hip Hop Rap artist, sharing the same resounding talent as Rappers such as Scroobius Pip and Kate Tempest.  Each line that this track is comprised of stings you with it’s harsh admission of raw emotion.

The music adds to the evocative momentum of the track, adding an almost orchestral tentativeness to the sound through the sonorous Trap beat to create an overall perfect track which is pretty impossible to dissect when you’re too busy being devoured by the ethereal sound that Ryker puts out time after time with his music.

Check out Ryker’s latest track Razor on YouTube using the link below where you can grab a free download:


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Review by Amelia Vandergast



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