Alice Gray – Take Me to the Water: The Pop Hit with Plenty of Perennial Earworm Potential.

“Take Me to the Water” is the exceptionally arrestive Pop hit from breaking artist Alice Gray who has been making waves with her immersive vocals paired with vibrantly rich melodies.

The Los Angeles based artist ensures that her soft, yet commanding soundscapes run through with an irresistibly organic and vibrant Indie feel. If you love nothing more than listening to softly picked guitar progressions sat within a mix of mesmeric electronic concordance, Take Me to the Water comes highly recommended. But the instrumental arrangement merely serves as a platform for Alice Gray’s vocals which are perceptibly didn’t need a helping hand in production to make each and every note pitch perfect.

You can check out Take Me to the Water for yourselves via Soundcloud and check out Alice Gray’s earlier 2019 singles.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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