Johanna Klingfors – All the Same: A Jazz-Soaked Debut of Contemporarily Style 70’s R&B

As a recording artist Johanna Klingfors is as captivating as she is eccentrically playful in her aurally alchemic approach as shown with her first Jazz soaked single All the Same. The girls got a point, you get to a certain point in your life and you realise just how repetitively monotonous and predictable behaviour becomes.

Johanna projects her earth-shatteringly resonant lyrics into the mic through her not so self-apologist low range vocals which absolutely dominate her single All the same; no matter how much Funk & Groove is thrown in by the instrumentals. You don’t need an artist bio to tell you that the raw lyrics round the Swedish singer, songwriter and pianists lyrics are highly personal, that much is perceptible for how she carries her soulful, attitude-riddled vocals throughout the track. Even with her stylised inclination towards the vintage sound, it can’t be said that her sound isn’t prodigal; Christina Aguilera may have attempted the soundscape many moons go, but she didn’t even come close to Johanna’s Bluesy expressionism.

You can check out Johanna Klingfors’ latest single All the Same on Spotify now, if you have a particular penchant for 70’s R&B you really don’t want to give this one a miss.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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