Recorded and produced while in lockdown on canal boat in Leicestershire; Folk artist Calum Read inspires us with ‘’Demons’’

Her voice is stuck in my head. What a sad but inspirational story this is. This is what real music is, in the grand scheme of life. A true Folk singer-songwriter who makes music to express his pain about a close one’s heart-breaking suicide and the after effects emotionally, that are attached forever to such a traumatic experience. 

Manchester’s ‘Calum Reed’ has found solitude on a canal boat during this terrible pandemic and has made inspirational music to escape the madness and give us a piece of beauty to enjoy. 

Calum had very little resources but wanted it badly enough, so made it happen somehow with the support of family and friends closest to him. This is the 3rd track from his debut release, ‘’Long Cool Girl EP’’ and it’s a beautiful song, full of emotion and realness. I found my eyes watering up while listening to ‘’Demons’’. The passion in the track is clear to see and it was so well executed. Well 

I hope to meet Calum one day soon and see his boat Long Cool Girl that he has been living on. Calum seems like a guy with incredible stories and with his soulful voice and music, I’m rooting for his success, no matter where or what it is. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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