Read the wind: Sean Moriarty tells us ‘The Story of America’

Taken off his latest eight-track album called ‘All for Everything‘, Sean Moriarty gives us the inside look into ‘The Story of America‘ as he sees it.

Sean Moriarty is a multi-talented Ledyard, Connecticut-born, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter and current farmer, who makes that reflective music for us to ponder on, as he soothingly sings from the heart about what he has seen.

The former copywriter knew that world wasn’t for him and decided he needed to be outside to feel free again. He sings with such honesty, almost shyness at times, his talent is easy to hear but he underrates himself. This wonderfully humble man with a striking voice, has the hair on the back of your neck standing up as you feel his life’s journey, finding his way as he looks for a true home.

This is the lesson to always read the wind and set sail when you know the storms are brewing, as following your instinct is the only way to survive this crazy and very strange world. Doing what you have to do in order to feel fulfilled, is the key that unlocks all of your greatness, even if many won’t understand your journey.

The Story of America‘ from the soulful Massachusetts-based farmer, artist and singer-songwriter Sean Moriarty, is that authentic varnished feeling for the heart, his true stories are derived from working around the country and keeping himself busy. The real inside look is fascinating as he only brings peace and tranquility to an often overly-busy world that seems like it is spinning out of control.

Hear this mellow single on Spotify and find out more on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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