Ralph Pezzullo – Just a Boy: Leonard Cohen Lives

Just a Boy is one of the most stunning compositions of music I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. The vocal arrangements are built so carefully around Ralph Pezzullo’s voice, giving his sound structure alongside tonal variation to ensure the teeth of the song get a firm grasp of your emotions.

LA based Alternative singer songwriter Pezzullo slides between deep resonant vocals to hitting the exponential highs full of soul. The song flows ubiquitously, steeped in the resonant apathy of enduring the aging process and learning the true nature of reality. The sound to the track flows with subtle reverberation and minimal chaos to give the spot light to the empyreal delight of Pezzullo’s voice.

If you can get to the end verse with your soul untouched by this evocatively acoustic sound, then it’s a safe bet that you’re dead inside. Just a Boy is the latest of many tracks from the talented musician, but it is by far the most poignant under the skilful production of Rocco Guarino. His earlier work is far more upbeat, but it’s within Just a Boy, he truly bares his soul.

All of Pezzullo’s tracks are available to listen to on the Soundcloud & iTunes links below:



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