The acceptable face of outsider music

Pop-rock has always been a tricky term when it comes to credibility. Many see the first word as an admission of something lesser, others see the latter as an admission of something cliche. But those people need to turn the argument around. Why not see pop as meaning something wonderfully accessible, well constructed and with mass appeal and rock as being something with integrity, drive and edge. Look at it that way and Flight Mongoose are certainly pop-rock. Rock has the ability to add substance to the often-vacuous nature of modern pop and in turn pop has the ability to sneak rock attributes through the snobbish barricades the genre often builds for itself and on to more fertile and lucrative pastures. Once you accept that as a proposition, Flight Mongoose’s blend of groove and grit can go to work, and it does so perfectly.

And why not? If it ain’t broke…Even those who grew up on rock music were probably always closet pop consumers too, and vice versa and Flight Mongoose seems more appealing to a wide range of tastes than many of the testosterone laden shouters and heavier-that-thou sonic tsunami makers we have been fed in the past. Why be tough when you can be cool? Why be noisy when you can be full of groove? Why be outsiders when you can be accessible? Put another way, why not be Flight Mongoose?

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