Prime Sinister – Midnight: Woke Abstract Rap

This is Prime Sinister – taking into consideration the rap nickname selection, I’m already positively predisposed that this one has got a solid lyric game going on, before pressing play. 03:30 minutes later, his song “Midnight” has magnificently met my expectations.

Prime Sinister is a 23-year-old British-Pakistani Londoner, who I have got to say, impresses me quite a lot with his new song. Not only the words that are coming out of his mouth have substance and his delivery is excellent and has a personality but the production of “Midnight” is probably its most intriguing item. Aimed to be listened to during rainy nights (I will insist on both the elements of rain and the absence of natural light) this is a strange, a bit noisy yet absolutely digestible beat that accompanies Prime Sinister’s wordplay. The song’s theme is an urban-like one, as the first line of its chorus goes like “Living in the city of the sin like” and… it is like you listen to this particular sequence of words for the very first time.

Great tune by Prime Sinister. Give it a listen on YouTube

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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