Angel Sanchez delivers delicate Latin sweetness with new release ‘Atrapado’

Angel Sanchez has released new track ‘Atrapado’ a delicate-yet-powerful new Latin Pop track. 

‘Atrapado’ introduces Sanchez in a sweet and airy soundscape before it propels into a swinging dancehall-inspired groove that’s impressively textured and subtle. It’s a technically impressive piece as Sanchez is able to undulate with considerable skill on each verse, It’s a great track and ‘Atrapado’  rounds off Sanchez’ foray into latin dancehall with aplomb and he should pick up fans on this release. 

The modern, tight writing and intricate vocal mixing gives ‘Atrapado’  a real hit quality and we’re looking forward to seeing what this exciting Latin pop artist does next. Check it out. 

You can listen to ‘Atrapado’ on Angel Sanchez’ Spotify page now.

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