It’s Pop Jim, But Not As We Know It!

Staten Islanders Youth Moose have an interesting line in titles, not only their own band name but a song called Yogurt Hair does get you wondering about the world they live in, though in reality they live in the largely moose free environs of Staten Island. And if, given the somewhat crazy and hippyish titles involved you are expecting some sort of Syd Barrett induced neo-psychedelic anaphylactic shock, then I am happy to report that Youth Moose at least runs on a smoother, soothing alt-pop vibe.

It neatly repackages a slightly flower power image but channelled through a rawer 90’s alt-rock busk capturing the essence but not the excess of both eras and serving it up expertly for a modern audience. In short, it’s pop and it’s great, not something you hear said much these days, but it is. It isn’t so much the pop that was, more the pop that might have been but more importantly it is the pop that could be again when our love of slick sophistication and over production has run come to its illogical conclusion. Now isn’t that a comforting thought?

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