Denver City yearns affectionately for that past memory that has gone forever on, ‘Rambler’

Taken from her debut 9-track album that is a legacy project for her kids, Denver City sings with such kindness and beauty that shall wash away all your worries on her stunning new single about reminiscing about that former home on, ‘Rambler‘.

Katie Sakana aka Denver City is a Denver, Colorado-based indie-folk singer-songwriter, pianist and esteemed author who creates that tranquil sound to hold onto dearly.

Katie writes original songs, poems, and stories and has four short stories in print publication.” ~ Denver City

With a naturally created project that has been made immaculately for the love, Denver City shows us that music is here to teach us to move forward to the ideal path that shall set us free.

Her creative pursuits are many and varied, but all give her great joy. She and her husband have 2 children and a dog named Pepper. She enjoys making music with them as well as spending time in the great outdoors.” ~ Denver City

Rambler‘ from Denver, Colorado-based indie-folk singer-songwriter and author Denver City is such a captivating single that shall have your ears warm and your spirit calm. She has a soothing vocal capability and sends our emotions deeply back to the past, as we recall that time that is still entrenched in our memory.

The key is to remember the good times but to always know where your new home is as you move on to new memories.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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