Poison Pills: Mark Docherty chases the sun on Saying Goodbye

Moving on from the rotten past and only concentrating on what the next door shall unfurl, Mark Docherty packs his bags up and ventures out on the riff-heavy condensation of a song called Saying Goodbye.

Mark Docherty is a Barrow, Cumbria-based indie alternative musician who started his career when just 11 years old and brings back that timeless David Bowie-like energy to proceedings.

This song describes the moment you discover you’re strong enough to leave that toxic relationship, you’re strong enough to leave that rubbish job and the catharsis you feel when you put yourself first. It was written when I decided to break up my old band and leave a job I’d been comfortable in for 8 years.” ~ Mark Docherty

Avoiding the dishonest prophet and starting the engine rather quickly, Mark Docherty shall take all our minds into a moment that many have faced a thousand times over. Deep in context and compacted in an immensely open aura to consume with conscientious abandon, we find a supremely reflective anthem.

Saying Goodbye from Barrow, Cumbria-based indie alternative artist Mark Docherty is one of those special songs you just embrace for all its brilliance. Sensational in all aspects and with excellent solos interwoven into this underground gem, this is one for the books and needs to be loved.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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    Mark Docherty - Seahouse
    24 November 2023 at 1:04 pm

    […] After a relocation to Liverpool Mark is releasing his debut solo album Reckless Abandon due out 16th June 2023. Playing all the instruments, producing and mastering the 12 songs has been a labour of love and an interesting challenge. The triumphant first single Saying Goodbye has been described as ‘Sensational in all aspects’ –  ANR factory […]

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