Danni Baylor – SOLID: Infectiously Vibrant Reggae Electro Pop

As soon as you hit play on Danni Baylor’s latest single “SOLID” it’s instantly perceptibly that she’s a Pop artist with an infectiously magnetic personality.

While it isn’t all too often you can say that about Pop artists, Danni Baylor’s approach with SOLID hits you with a vibrant aural glow, the upbeat mix is much more than your average dancefloor filler. Instead the sun-soaked power ballad runs through with sticky-sweet romantic to the sound of Reggae Electro Pop.

The radio-ready beat serves as the perfect rhythmic platform for the soulfully fresh US based artist to lay down her piercingly pitch-perfect vocals upon. Paired with the emotive lyrics, SOLID resonates as one of the purest hits of euphoria you can tune into.

If you’re looking for beats to get you excited for Summer, you can check out Danni Baylor’s latest single SOLID for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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