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After the successful release of his critically acclaimed track ‘Hardest’ in March last year, West London rapper Podgy Figures has released his new video to accompany his newest track “Wrap Up The Ting”.

Notorious for clever rhymes layered over bold and heavy bass tracks, this track doesn’t disappoint. The video itself was shot at Podgy Figures’ own house with the aim to show a fun side of podgy whilst still being creative.

Podgy Figures embraces the true essence of Grime, demonstrating the start to his prolific career. ‘Wrap Up The Ting’ delves into the veracious understanding of youth culture, and in turn provides an accurate contribution to the fast-paced music industry.

The track begins with a sensual aesthetic, where the slow melody of the piano paints an affectionate atmosphere, but ten seconds into the track, the rhythm transforms into a hyped dance tune which is built up second by second. As soon as Podgy begins rapping, he immediately takes a profound domination. The track itself is completely masculine, but as Podgy leads into oblivion, he ultimately sets the party scene, which is what makes the track fundamentally attractive to his listeners.

Alongside the vibrant atmosphere and the rousing tone of the track, the production of the sound portrays considerable ambiguity due to the high pitched sounds of a perplexed nature in the background of Podgy’s fierce rapping. Combined together makes Podgy’s efforts extremely innovative and intriguing, which clarifies his indelible success.

Produced by acclaimed future grime producer Zelph Ellis formally known as Dot Rotten, the track features punchy bass beats and as described by Podgy himself repletion of the truth during a time of lies”. ‘Wrap Up Ting’ was finished in just 45 minutes through a simple recording process – Zeph Ellis creating the beat whilst Podgy Figures writes the verses with a pen and pad, proving how well the duo work together.

The track itself has been released under his own label ‘Gingerbread Records’, which Podgy set up back in 2009, followed by his own clothing line ‘Gingerbread Clothing’. This track is available now via all major media providers.

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