People Going Stale: Dublin band Woolly Jumper eagerly break free from the suffocating ‘Cobwebs’

Taken off their supremely catchy six-track EP from last year called ‘Big Bird’, Woolly Jumper climb away from the dull ‘Cobwebs‘ with a stirring performance on this terrific single.

Woolly Jumper is an engaging Dublin, Ireland-based rock band, who fuse together marvelously, as they make that raw edged type of music which has your ears wide open and ready to be intrigued by their energetic style.

This is the true-life story of breaking away from the norm, as you can get too comfortable sometimes in life and the conversations start to feel like they have been told over and over. The feeling of being locked into a boring world that doesn’t evolve is a scary one — as you break away and start fresh again with a new mindset — with all the endless possibilities right inside you the whole time.

They have such a fun sound, as you feel their passionate vocals ring true on a song that should inspire many to follow the dreams, despite the risks attached.

Cobwebs‘ from Dublin, Ireland indie rockers Woolly Jumper, is the statement that should be relevant to most, as so many people stay in the same town, while you wish for more. Life is all about seeing the world and learning new things after all, not staying stagnant and never opening up your mind to new memories and experiences.

Stream this catchy single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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