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From the cockpit to the mosh pit, the fighter-pilot rock duo Fox 2 played it hard, dirty, and bluesy in their debut LP, Sidewinder

Sidewinder by Fox 2

When the members of the fighter-pilot rock duo, Fox 2, aren’t in cockpits, they’re starting mosh pits with their dirty, hard, and bluesy hits. Last November, the dualistic powerhouse debuted its first LP, Sidewinder, and staked the claim of being one of the hottest rock acts in Portland, Oregon.

Delve into the title single and you’ll be hypnotised by the adrenalised swaggy blues guitar bends in the reverent rock n roll hit, which melds modernist production styles and percussive assertion in the same veins of Royal Blood with classic blues rock cuts to orchestrate an era-spanning testament to their talent, cross-over appeal, and authenticity.

Sidewinder will be a tough record to follow, but something tells us that Fox 2 has plenty more innovative firepower to ignite an onslaught of ensnaring hits; watch this space and feel the heat.

Sidewinder is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Propter Hawk stoked the fires of a rock n roll revival in Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

Propter Hawk

With demurely electrifying vocal lines in the same vein of She Drew the Gun and Black Honey fused with cruising kaleidoscopic guitars which angularly nestle into the middle ground between Pavement and The Beatles, Toronto’s premier rock outfit, Propter Hawk, knocked it out of the sonic ballpark with their latest release, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate.

The feel-good rock n roll rhythmics were the perfect way to address our contemporary appetite for division and hatred while throwing you right back to the simpler times when we could believe what we read and tribalism wasn’t excessively weaponised.

Armed with their vintage gear and an MO to stoke the fires of a new era of refreshingly relatable rock n roll, the raconteur powerhouse is unreckonable; join forces while you still can.

Clean Old-Fashioned Hate will be available to stream on all major platforms from June 2. Head over to their website for more info.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Come Back Home: Splendid new Boston rock band Silvirtongue know what they want on ‘Heartstrings’

Taken off their much-awaited upcoming debut EP, Silvirtongue skillfully tell us the true story of wanting that loved soul to be present right next to your caring eyes again as there is so much more to say on ‘Heartstrings‘.

Silvirtongue is a promising Boston, Massachusetts-based four-piece alt-rock band. They are a new act who have been working hard over this supremely challenging last year, and power in with a sterling effort that needs our attention.

Inspired by classic bands such as Radiohead, Oasis, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, U2, The Cure and The Police, you feel their quality throughout this absolute gem. After a few seconds you quickly realize that this is a specially brewed band, who are oozing natural class without trying overly hard.

The band formed when things got tough for all of us at the start of 2020. With some original works already lined up, band vocalist and bassist (Cozzo) reached out to some musician friends both new and old (Kelleher, Colarusso, McGuirk). Within a years time they were writing collectively, and have been ever since.” – Silvirtongue

You hear such clearly intention-filled vocals here that are backed up by a sensational sound, who seem to get it all right with ease. Your head seems to nod organically and there is so much pureness here – nothing is ever rushed unnecessarily – as you sit back and admire such cleverly penned lyrics, that seems to mesh perfectly with the mood at hand.

Heartstrings‘ from the booming Boston alt-rockers Silvirtongue, is the movie-like story about wanting to be with someone so bad, as you had feelings back in the old days at school. There is something there that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to be close, so you can find out exactly what it is. This is a fantastic track that will certainly have your heart beating with so much energy, and is one of the most exciting releases from 2021.

Stream this new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

People Going Stale: Dublin band Woolly Jumper eagerly break free from the suffocating ‘Cobwebs’

Taken off their supremely catchy six-track EP from last year called ‘Big Bird’, Woolly Jumper climb away from the dull ‘Cobwebs‘ with a stirring performance on this terrific single.

Woolly Jumper is an engaging Dublin, Ireland-based rock band, who fuse together marvelously, as they make that raw edged type of music which has your ears wide open and ready to be intrigued by their energetic style.

This is the true-life story of breaking away from the norm, as you can get too comfortable sometimes in life and the conversations start to feel like they have been told over and over. The feeling of being locked into a boring world that doesn’t evolve is a scary one — as you break away and start fresh again with a new mindset — with all the endless possibilities right inside you the whole time.

They have such a fun sound, as you feel their passionate vocals ring true on a song that should inspire many to follow the dreams, despite the risks attached.

Cobwebs‘ from Dublin, Ireland indie rockers Woolly Jumper, is the statement that should be relevant to most, as so many people stay in the same town, while you wish for more. Life is all about seeing the world and learning new things after all, not staying stagnant and never opening up your mind to new memories and experiences.

Stream this catchy single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dust to gold: Greek band Pulse. raise our heartbeat with the terrific ‘Red World’

Taken off their latest eight-track album recorded with a real purpose in mind, Pulse. illuminate our minds with the vividly stunning effort called ‘Red World‘.

Pulse. are a Athens, Greece five-piece alternative indie-rock act with a clear vision for making music to help bring us closer together, in this polluted world full of garbage and divisiveness.

Inspired by the different cities they have been to over the years, you can certainly feel the British-fused sound lighting up their three guitar core and strong vocals, that only transmits a welcome edge that is so sharp and mighty.

This is the story of finding that person you used to be, through a special lover that lights up your mind again. The world is red right now as it burns to the ground and by meeting that mind-changing human, you can find the open door again and flourish like you should.

The electric guitar sizzle captures your body into a different type of trance you are used to, as their energy has your heart beating extra fast to their whirlwind sounds of magnificence.

Red World‘ from powerful Greek five-piece gems Pulse., is a translucent sound of meaningful emotions from a riveting band that play music to bring this planet happiness, away from all the bad things going on. This is a sterling effort that sprays only sunshine through the cloudy skies.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud and see more info about future live shows soon on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting it done: Instead of waiting around King Whisker turns on our brain channels via truthfully real ‘Television’

King Whisker are brilliant on their new ironic indie-punk rock single that speaks the truth about modern day society via ‘Television‘.

With an exciting new lineup that features a re-tooled five-piece team, the addition of a second guitar player, and a keyboard player, this has added an extra fiery element into the California-based outfits soundscape.

‘Instead of waiting around or having the ‘what could have been’ conversation, we took classes from Berklee, built or scrounged together whatever gear we needed, and got to work.’- King Whisker

His voice reflects how so many feel, yet can’t help getting enough of. TV is a addiction and it gets a free pass in the world.

The band have an electric style and you can’t help but smile and jump around to a track like this. This is a song that makes you think about your time spent on the couch instead of outside, no matter what the weather is doing. Seeing friends and going on adventures post-covid, is something we all need to look at closer and take action on.

The San Diego rockers King Whisker show their funny side that is soaked in so much truth via the new single ‘Television‘. TV has made so many humans brain washed and with so much beauty in the world, its a shame that it has clouded our minds and hearts. They sing and perform with such passion about this subject and also add some welcome comedy relief to a world that needs as much of it as possible.

Opening our minds to what is really important, is what life should be about, not wasting so many hours stuck on the couch looking at a box.

Share this new track with your friends on Spotify and see more from the free-thinkers on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


2020’s anthem is here: From Scratch rock out with comedic and flamboyant new single ‘It’s Not Ok’

From Scratch aim to be listened by a diverse audience from all over the globe on ‘It’s Not Ok‘ and their ability to lift the mood is palpable on this melodic rock track, that surpasses all expectations and adds in a touch of comedy that keeps it real.

After being formed during lockdown 1, the electric Australian four-piece rock band From Scratch have made it their life’s mission to make excellent music that gives the grieving world something to rock hard to during these harsh times.

“It was begging to be written. We know we speak not just for us but for many people all over the world” – Steven Caperna

With an innate ability to provide thunderous melodies and incredibly well-structured lyrics that are hard hitting and honest, this is a band that doesn’t take themselves overly serious either. Their funny video about the current political landscape in Australia is an inside look into how so many people are feeling. After appearing to do so well with the virus, this is a country that is currently in the grips of a new wave that frustrates so many. Their appeal also extends globally as many of us are feeling exactly the same thing and millions will be more careful about who they vote for next time.

With the band all on the same page despite the age differences, they show that it’s all about good music that is easy to sing with and by keeping things lighthearted, this is a new track that is exactly what we needed to hear. Things are not okay right now and real leaders need to step up and do what they were elected to do. Lead, not spin webs around us like a busy spider.

It’s Not Ok‘ by the Adelaide indie rock band From Scratch is one of those songs you can’t stop listening to as its excellent music video shows what can be done during these horrid times. Music and comedy mixed together, is a welcome addition to 2020.

Stream this excellent new single via their Spotify, see the music video on YT and join their band journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Genre merge-benders: Manchester fast-risers Maruja stomp down the house with ‘Rage’

Maruja are back with a powerful new song and the 4-piece act certainly deliver a track that is full of ‘Rage‘.

Manchester’s Post-Punk Jazzy Alt Rock crew Maruja certainly make ferocious music that growls like a hungry Lion that skipped lunch. The highly rated newcomers passion is easy on the ear and tremendous to vibe with, as the UK band smash through with their electric energy that might cause power outages from all the piping hot electricity.

The ominous opening sets a benchmark that swerves in with an alto sax sound that adds so much intrigue to an already catchy track as the mood is set in stone with a newly sharpened knife. The bass and drums feel like they been injected with superpowers as it meshes with the strong vocals that bellow out, reflecting the moment and getting the frustration out with the shaking mic taking a battering.

This is the story about having that extra acidic fire in your blood flow, your vision goes black as something or someone takes over your thoughts for a few fleeting moments. The raging bull inside you has blows a gasket and your teeth clench so tightly as you think about that person that has engulfed your feelings and you aren’t at all yourself right now.

Sometimes we lose ourselves for a while and we need strong friends to hold us back, calm us down and help us to see reason. Manchester’s Maruja are quite excellent on the powerfully constructed ‘Rage‘ as their uniquely brilliant music heats up a freezing lockdown December.

Head through to the Spotify page for this banging tune and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Knowing you need to say goodbye is hard: Lunar Division send us a real indie-rock love story that you will ‘Hold On To’

Lunar Division are excellent on the often-sad but true single about lost love in their latest single ‘Hold On To‘.

Lunar Division are an Oklahoma City 4-piece indie-rock band who like all proper musicians, love to play live and put on a massive show that you remember for life. With a fantastic fusion they light the candle on a reflective story that digs deep into how sometimes, you can’t always have what you want in life.

The drummer taps his sticks together to signal the start of the song and leads like a train conductor, ensuring the smooth flow of the upcoming journey. With a 70’s type smoothly mixed journey, this is a funky song that gets you in to the mood to sway your body and dust off those live music dancing shoes that might have a little mouse inside them.

‘The drums and bass are the heart of the music as they give energy and intensity to the songs.’- Lunar Division

This is the story about that deep love that you wish would go away sometimes but just doesn’t. The love you have for them is so real and you can’t stop thinking about locking lips together as it was the best feeling you have ever experienced. You wish that they would feel the same way about you, but you know deep down that you can only ever been friends.

Hold On To‘ from radical Oklahoma City indie-rock act Lunar Division is a goodbye to the one that got away and the harsh reality of love sometimes. Sometimes, you need to move on get over that person you care so much for, otherwise it consumes you and hanging on is never healthy. You will however, hold onto those sweet memories, and cherish them forever.

Stream this rocking track with soul on Spotify, Soundcloud and follow the guys adventures via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking at the stars for inspiration: Honeybone are a guiding light on the excellent ‘Spheres’

With an album full of scrumptious solos to wake you up from that sleepy slumber, earth-moving electric guitar riffs and haunting vocals that enter your ears like a welcoming light, this is is something so special. Australia has some quality bands at the moment but Melbourne’s Honeybone, make a well-deserved dent into the minds of the uninspired to wake up the senses. They rock in the dusty door of your local sweat-filled music venue, and smash its hinges off on the new album called ‘Spheres‘.

Her vocals grab you by the face and take you into the journey of this exciting band who have that extra cutting edge appeal. There is so much to like here and the passionate energy shines so bright in the often cliched genre, that seems to wash the same style together again and again. Not on this album however.

The burning energy glazes over all of these songs like tasty donuts that you have licked your lips over for weeks now, the hunger is there, and this is a classy outfit. There are no average songs here, no fillers and definitely no shockers that leave you passed out from too much electricity into your veins. Particular highlights must be ‘Artificial Tears‘, ‘Stratosphere‘ and ‘Bones‘, the band seem in extra top form here, and these songs remain lodged deep inside the soul.

This is a 3 Piece Rock act that are only flying up through the sky at a rate that Rick & Morty would be proud of. This is an excellent release that deserves lots of love and head banging aplenty awaits, when live gigs are on again and fans can see their new favorite Australian band.

Melbourne is known for incredible underground acts that so good live. You can see why with ‘Spheres‘ from the electrifying Honeybone. Remember the name.

Hear their new creation here via Spotify and find out more about the band on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen