Pennan Brae – Crashland: Meet Your New 70s-Inspired Guitar Hero

If you’re looking for a hit born of visceral feeling and vintage sound, look no further than Pennan Brae’s “Crashland”. The single is just one of the masterful soundscapes you can find on the soundtrack to the film ‘the Astronot’, and with Grammy-nominated engineer Emily Lazar onboard you can be sure that Crashland is anything but your average archaic Rock track.

The Vancouver-based artist uses his 70s-inspired sound will take you right back to the time before artists depended on effects to make their guitar progressions sound impressive. Instead, Pennan Brae uses intricately indulgent string arrangements which sit in a potent high-octane mix. Crashland shared a lot of reminiscence with Johnny Marr’s solo work – which pretty much stands as a testament to what Pennan Brae can achieve with a fretboard; there really is no overstating how much maturity and stylistic talent is found within the single.

You can check out Crashland for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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