Peace of Mind – Musical bits and peaces?

Where to begin? Something To Get Over by Peace of Mind is a strange piece, there is no denying that. But strange is good, strange is mercurial, unique, original, boundary defying and there is no shortage of that here. At turns it wanders 60’s psychedelic landscapes, alt-rock noise, retro-pop melodies and post-punk swagger which takes some doing in just over three and a half minutes. But music isn’t always about following rules, much of the best of it comes from discarding them and beating your own path along whichever musical route takes your fancy not to mention taking tangential journeys of your own making, hopping fences and short circuiting convention.

Something To Get Over does all that and more, it sits between music and art, art and exploration, exploration and academia, it is blissfully unaware of genres, or more likely wilfully ignorant of their purpose and as such the result is unique. And if the choice is between the tried and tested and the odd and challenging, I’ll take the latter any day of the week…and twice on Saturday.

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