Paul Iwan releases Returning (both singles): Alternative Rock at it’s finest

Paul Iwan has released his latest two singles ‘Returning (Red Version) and Returning (Blue Version)’ giving you nothing but pure Alternative Rock, it’s pretty magical.

If you’re a fan of bands like 30 Seconds to Mars then this is one you must delve into. Having them same powerful raspy vocals and not to mention the heavy instrumentation and the manic breakdowns that take place throughout.

Bringing in the thunderous riffs on the electric guitar and the powerful drum beats. Having that rather eerie sound as the vocals begin to echo and the instrumentation begins to lower as the atmosphere begins to get less suspenseful, the vocals go a lot more mellow as the tracks come to an end.

Paul has created two incredible alternative rock hits, both the same but in sung in such diverse sounds, one is more stripped back and the other has a lot of added in effects and overpowering instrumentals.

Check out Paul Iwan’s latest tracks by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall

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