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Harbor Gents – Twisted: Funk-Fuelled Alt Synth Pop

There are very few breaking Pop artists who can match the instantly magnetic ingenuity in Harbor Gents’ latest single Twisted.

Through soul-spilling lyrics, evocatively resonant vocals and the layers of Funk, Hip Hop, and Avant-Garde added to the Synth lines, you’ve never quite heard a Pop track like Twisted before.

Despite the striking distinction which drips from Twisted, Harbor Gents ensured that the accessibility wasn’t diminished, the deftly crafted melodies will stick to your synapses like superglue.

Any fans of Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode will undoubtedly want to give this perennial Pop earworm plenty of attention. The Latvian artist is definitely one to watch. It isn’t every day that we discover an artist who creates a brand-new trajectory in the evolution of Pop.

You can check out Harbor Gents’ single Twisted for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paul Iwan releases Returning (both singles): Alternative Rock at it’s finest

Paul Iwan has released his latest two singles ‘Returning (Red Version) and Returning (Blue Version)’ giving you nothing but pure Alternative Rock, it’s pretty magical.

If you’re a fan of bands like 30 Seconds to Mars then this is one you must delve into. Having them same powerful raspy vocals and not to mention the heavy instrumentation and the manic breakdowns that take place throughout.

Bringing in the thunderous riffs on the electric guitar and the powerful drum beats. Having that rather eerie sound as the vocals begin to echo and the instrumentation begins to lower as the atmosphere begins to get less suspenseful, the vocals go a lot more mellow as the tracks come to an end.

Paul has created two incredible alternative rock hits, both the same but in sung in such diverse sounds, one is more stripped back and the other has a lot of added in effects and overpowering instrumentals.

Check out Paul Iwan’s latest tracks by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall


Centric – The Fifth Dimension: Pure Unadulterated Progressive Sound

The Virginia based band Centric are an absolute analogue dream. Their track The Fifth Dimension was released in October 2017 but they’re worthy of a throwback review of their genius approach to music. It truly is a crime that Centric still lingers on the underground music scene,

Centric’s music has all of the synthesised delight of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Shiny Toy Guns with a delectably soft Industrial EBM sound. Their futuristic sound provides a tranquil yet lucidly progressive aura. It’s expertly orchestrated with an innovative sound that’s pushed through each beat to provide you with a myriad of emotions as the track runs through its 5 minute duration. Centric’s other tracks such as Heartlead and Telluride provide much more of a synthesised grungy sound not too dissimilar from bands such as the Editors. Bands such as Centric prove that Grunge and soft rock have an Infinite Malleability, and their elemental influence can be revelled in in a plethora of other genres.

If this hit dropped on a dancefloor, I have no doubt in my mind that the crowd would be immersed in its euphoria. Their tracks retain an upbeat sound that’s highly resonant and provides a sea of soundwaves for you to sink into as your mind expands in time with the melody.

Check out their single which you can download for FREE on the BandCamp page using the link below!