Patrisha Rimfire – Pressure: An Iconic Electric Approach to Pop

Up & coming Pop artist Patrisha Rimfire has just released her first ever single Pressure The 5-minute track is a synergetic mash up between Pop, Electronica and Trap to create a truly pioneering mix.

It should come as no surprise from an artist with a Pop sensibility that there was a fair amount of repetition in her track Pressure, however, somehow, it didn’t start to grate on me even as the track drew to a close. Whilst there was a fair amount of production that went into Pressure, I can’t help but think the effects over her vocals dampened her natural vocal prowess.

Having said that as first tracks go, Patrisha Rimfire has knocked it out the park. I have no doubt that Patrisha will go places with her iconic electronic sound as she advances through her almost certain bright career as a Pop artist.

You can check out Patrisha’s debut single Pressure on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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