Paraphine – Good Times: Virally Veracious EDM Dance with an Infusion of Pop Trance

If you’re looking for a blindingly powerful Dance EDM to compliment your up-beat playlists look no further than Paraphines track Good Times. The track is entrenched in iconic EDM style. It pulls no punches with the immersive drops and thrashing Dub effects. The breakdown was utterly unexpected from this track and if unpredictability isn’t a staple mark of a great dance hit then I’m not entirely sure what is. From start to finish every second is fuelled with a euphoria that other EDM artists out there just can’t match. There’s no wonder that Good Times went viral not too long after the tracks original release in 2017. Helena Korso’s Pop vocals are empoweringly uplifting over the electric beat that strays dangerously close to the Pop arena yet throws enough genre-defiance in there to make them pioneers of their pumped-up sound.

It’s been a pretty quiet year on the new release from for Paraphine. Here’s to hoping that they’re cooking up a sound to match the elemental fury of Good Times.

If you want to get into the summer spirit whatever the weather Check out Paraphine’s new mix Good Times on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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