Detroit’s The Blueflowers return with a fine single to hold on tightly with ‘Can’t Sit Out’

Time Didn't Matter by The Blueflowers

With a groovy entry that is rather smooth and gloriously made in a crisp matter you can’t possibly ignore, The Blueflowers have released a new single to dance with all night on ‘Can’t Sit Out‘.

The Blueflowers are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alternative gothic rock 6-piece band who form a fantastically charming blend of folk-noir and Western gypsy punk to pulsate our senses.

Blossomed out of a songwriting collaboration between singer/lyricist Kate Hinote and guitarist/producer Tony Hamera. Both made an initial impression on the Detroit music scene in 2005 with the dream pop act, Ether Aura.” ~ The Blueflowers

Taken from their brand new 6-track album called ‘Time Didn’t Matter‘, The Blueflowers perform with a graceful edge that sends your mind into a whole new world that is filled with fascination and shall send you into a cheerful mood.

One primary way in which the newest material has subtly altered its routes is the addition of newest member and songwriter, Bryan Talaski, on bass guitar. With longtime core members Jim Faulkner (drums), David Johnson (guitar), and Erin Williams (keys, backing vocals, lyricist) still on board, The Blueflowers push steadily ahead with an easiness that only years of collaboration and experiences can give you and with no fear or expectations of where the path is going because now they can just enjoy the ride.” ~ The Blueflowers

Can’t Sit Out‘ from Detroit-based indie alternative gothic rock 6-piece band The Blueflowers is a catchy effort that will soothe all your worries away in an instant, like those great songs do. Sung with a calm gusto and a mood-altering vibe that shall bless your day like a hug when you need it, this is a quality track that sends who consciousness into a better place.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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