Craving that sweet but dangerous love: NOTD and Catello ‘Nobody’ (Doyle Remix) has your body grooving all night

Powered by Fruity Sounds, NOTD & CatelloNobody‘ (Doyle Remix) is a fine new single that will have you grooving and moving to the soundscapes, that remind you of a hot summer’s night while you are on holiday.

London and Sheffield-based UK dance producer Doyle, is a fresh-faced name in the local deep house world and he certainly makes a terrific impression here on this excellent single, that encapsulates real soul. He makes that kind of music that helps you relax after a long day at work and is also the perfect late night party slider to loosen up those rusty moves, shelved away after this seemingly endless lock-down.

With a busty beat that is a hug to the heart that has been battered recently, he puts a pleasurable layer of goodness for our ears on a song that was already absolutely quality. He has you dancing for joy in your bedroom with the song just catching fire as you catch your cat looking at you strangely from the other side of your window.

This is the relatable story of wanting to be with that person again so much, as no one else could quite love you as deeply as they could. Your hearts desire override all common sense as you miss their touch and that extra spark of electricity. The problem is that they treat your heart so recklessly and with that uncaring abandon, unless it suits them. You know they are wrong for you but you can’t get enough either and you are caught in the love matrix.

NOTD & CatelloNobody‘ (Doyle Remix) is a fine deep house track that only gets better as the song vibrates through your body and you find yourself in a deep daydream of wonder throughout, as you miss a song like this live at your local club.

With more music of the way, Doyle is a name to watch as he brings his skills to the table for us to consume ourselves into all night long. This is the perfect late night escapade music that makes you forget your worries and just immerses yourself into this satisfying beat of beauty.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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