Special summer days: Ohio brothers Midge Robie light up those unforgettable memories on ‘Your Friend’s Tattoo’

Alluringly flicking their hair around whilst remembering those sweet summer moments, Midge Robie impress highly with their brand new ink-filled single called ‘Your Friend’s Tattoo‘.

Midge Robie are a film noir-lovin’ pop-rap and pop-punk brother duo from Ohio in the USA. They formulate that true-life story music about love, life and working out what they want to really be in this wild wild west kinda world.

Their voices strikingly illuminate off the dusty ground, as they subtly open the creaking door to what those exciting holidays are supposed to be about. They confidently throw in some real facts about having a joyful blaze-filled time, while never forgetting about that fascinating tattoo too, as they miss that soul who made them feel alive inside.

They posses that rare ability to capture your attention quickly through their raw style, the pop/rap/punk fusion is a tremendous listen and you gaze lustfully outside, waiting impatiently for those boiling hot days again so you can go and meet your future lover somewhere outside, away from the dull lockdown life that we are all-too familiar with.

Your Friend’s Tattoo‘ from the likable Ohio brothers Midge Robie, is a fun ride in the backseat of the car while summer vacation is on, hot-boxin’ with your crush, whilst thinking memorably about those fun times that you wished would never end.

See their gripping music video on YouTube and find out more about their rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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