‘Only One’ – Genesys

This absolute R’n’B bop sounds like an anthem plucked straight out of the early ‘00s. It’s got the same groove, the same rhythm and the same swagger that made R’n’B the most listened-to genre in the world back then, but ‘Only One’ manages to retain a freshness that gives it an affinity to the tracks found on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s playlists today.

The female vocal generates the sweet, syrupy vibe that makes the track so playable. Her parts are a nonchalant counterweight to the urgency of Genesys’ rapping. But it is the combination of both that lets the age-old narrative of this track unfold: the chase.

This track is predicated on a classic instinctual pursuit. Boy wants girl. Girl wants boy. But girl wants to be absolutely sure of something before she admits it. She wants to be certain that she is the Only One.

Genesys’ ardent, intricate rhymes crank up the heat in this song. We never truly find out whether he gets the girl, but the sexy, upbeat rhythms and his confidence suggest he wouldn’t care if he did or not. With beats this smooth, it won’t be long until Genesys is crowned King of R’n’B hooks.

And Genesys, after that I can confirm that yes: we know the vibes.

Listen to the ‘Only One’ Here

Review By Alicia Carpenter

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