Obsolete releases Tripzilla Dub from Versus the Rogue Frequencies

Versus the Rogue Frequencies by Obsolete

Artist Obsolete has dropped the latest single ‘Tripzilla Dub’ focusing mainly on the use of sound with the occasional few words being said in a distorted electronic way. It combines different sound effects to create this intriguing piece.

Many variations of sound are combined into this one, but there’s something about a piece of music with sound that is so interesting to listen too. How sound can have such a powerful use and can create something that many will delve into.

It starts off with the sound of rain and adding in a little tap to this loud beat that pierces through, adding this dark and eerie sound to it as what sounds like the scratching of a record begins to play as a slight scratchy vocal appears for a few seconds, beginning to fade out in places.

Towards the end, the sound of the guitar that begins to synthesize as the drumbeat gets louder and the same eerie high-pitched sound plays through.

Listen to Obsolete Tripzilla Dub by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall

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