NYC Actor and singer Paul Helou & Friends cheer us up with ”There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues) ”

A happy song to cheer us all up after a long time under lock down. This is a song to cherish all of the workers on the front lines during these tough times. This is a terrific creation by Paul Helou & friends who have toiled to bring this song to bless our lives.

This is a big effort as he brings together a strong cast that all fulfill their parts expertly. With a happy vibe this could be the happiest song of 2020. A marvelous rhythm is encapsulated throughout and this is a match made in heaven if you want to be in a good mood. I smile during this and the light energy is highly welcome.

The fantastic musicians here with Paul are: Devyn Rush: vocals (California), Christian Teele: drums & congas (Colorado), Melisa Dopazo: bass (Argentina), Manuel Trabucco: alto & tenor sax (Italy) and Josh Shilling: piano & hammond B3 organ (Tennessee).

To watch this video be sure to check the link here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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    Paul Helou
    15 July 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. I’m new to social media, so still figuring it all out (twitter, instagram etc)
    Best, Paul Helou

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