Niine – Only He Knows: The Avant-Garde Aural Offering of the Summer

Just when I started to think that no one in the Pop genre could surprise me Niine blew my jaded prejudices out of the water with her latest single Only He Knows. The Melbourne based artist’s sultry, edgy vocals are the perfect expression of loss, vulnerability, but more importantly they contain a bite of empowered honesty which resonates with you as deeply as the complex instrumental arrangements.

The punchy grooves of the electric guitar along with the cataclysmically infectious synth creates an anthemic vibe which is tinged with an avant-garde splendour that Lydia Lunch herself would be impressed by. Niine’s conceptually prodigal approach to the archetypally dry genre creates a soundscape that you never knew you needed on your playlists. For Only He Knows Niine teamed up with the rhythmically blessed drummer Tim Pickup along with a guitarist and synth player to create a pulsating thorny arrangement which is riddled with groove, melody, and reverb.

You can check out Niine’s latest single which was released July 12th on SoundCloud now; any fans of Angel Olsen, Bjork and Radiohead are going to seriously thank me for the recommendation.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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