7evene11 releases Aquafina: Insane energy and a real feel good hit

Rap, Pop and Hip-Hop shines through in 7evene11 track ‘Aquafina’ it’s definitely one that has this insane amount of energy and is such a feel good piece of music.

Sounding similar to those like Post Malone, having that similar Laconic approach when it comes to lyrics. That very gruff sounding vocal whilst having that high-pitched electronic like style vocal coming in and of course not to mention the incredibly infectious melody that flows along in the background.

The specific genres that 7evene11 music classes do tend to use the popular technique of autotune, pitch-correcting the voice giving it a more robotic precision.

7evene11 has created something that you must add to your playlist, it’s up-beat, it’s creative and is a hit for sure.

You can listen to 7evene11 Aquafina for yourself by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall

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