Night Movies got orbital in their cinematic downtempo trip-hop instrumental, Once Around the Sun

Once Around the Sun is an orbital teaser of what’s to come from the highly anticipated album from the UK alt-electro collective, Night Movies. The instrumental downtempo trip-hop track flirts with the brashier tones of trap while the moody yet dreamy cinematic production ensures that your trip around the sun is a cathartically immersive one.

The competition in the electronica field may be fierce but Night Movies, with their dystopically transcendent dark teeth and stellar line up of contributing artists have exactly what it takes to leave an impression.

Once Around the Sun will be available to stream from April 15th worldwide. The album which it was taken from, Dreamish, will be available from August 5th. Check out Night Movies via SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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