Nicole Dash Jones wants to know if she is around loyalty or not with ‘Deeper’

Produced by her much-loved partner-in-crime Samuel Hills who helped create her last hit ‘Lego‘, Nicole Dash Jones fuses in her love for that sexy 80’s synth sound with another gem that has you going ‘Deeper‘.

Nicole Dash Jones is a London, UK-born indie electro-pop artist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and growing entrepreneur who seems to just make quality music that changes your perspective.

The chorus suggests love transcends all and if you truly love someone you’ll ultimately feel a spiritualistic connected bond to them for eternity.” ~ Nicole Dash Jones

As she lets go of the lies and fraudulent behaviour from her partner who she desperately wants to be with, Nicole Dash Jones feels like she can help change the soul of someone who needs her help. The feeling in her bones goes so deep and she feels like this is the right call, with a sensational vocal ability that will probably have you sweating profusely. Mixed in with one of the hottest beats of the year, this feels like a number 1 track that deserves all the love in the world.

Nicole has written and featured on various dance records including KC Lights ‘Change the World’ and M’Black ‘Heartbreak’ plus numerous collabs and releases on labels ranging from Mau5trap, Anjuna Beats and, 9T90 Records – a label set up by Nicole and Samuel Hills to release dance records by Hills + Dash.” ~ Nicole Dash Jones

Deeper‘ from the LA-raised, London-born indie electro-pop singer and businesswoman Nicole Dash Jones, is one of the best singles of 2022 so far without question. There is a stunning soundscape to witness here that will have your head nodding and your body grooving, that is quite simply excellent and a track that will you find staying in your head all day.

This is the story about moving your mindset away from the noise, as you wholeheartedly believe in someone who perhaps doesn’t quite believe in themselves just yet.

Hear this brilliant track on Spotify and see her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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