Mystic Rhythms and Folklore Fusions: Musa Stone’s ‘Woman Please Is a Journey Through Sonic Serenity

Musa Stone added an ethereally mystic edge to the airwaves with the unveiling of his folklore-instilled standout single, Woman Please, taken from his debut LP, Fugue.

By painting from a scintillating colour palette and synthesising swathes of sonic cultures, the level of intrigue which oscillates through the artfully arcane production is off the scale. The celestial timbre of the sermonic layered harmonies feeds effortlessly into the otherworldly atmosphere of Woman Please, which is constructed through Latin rhythms and electronic aesthetics that register as organic as any classic folk instrumentation.

As a truly global artist, Musa Stone allows his sonic signature to span the landscapes that have shaped his material reality. While many artists solely use music as a means of expression or to feed their ego, music gave Musa Stone a home that no other phenomena or place could offer, while acting as a gateway to an emotional world. Hit play on Woman Please, which delivers deliciously imploring soul with a touch of desert folk, and you’ll instantly get a sense of the singer-songwriter’s ability to act as a conduit of the unfiltered essence of the human experience.

Stream Woman Please with the full Fugue LP on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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