You Must Play Additive Process By Professor Lafferty

Professor Lafferty

Professor Lafferty is one name engraved in the heart of die-hard music lovers, especially lovers of electronic, ambient, techno, acoustic and dance sounds. Year after year, Professor Lafferty has continued to dish out fine tunes that has continued to impress his ever growing fan base. There is something really magical about his music that seems to make you want to play them over and over again. I mean, I literally put his music on repeat once the opening track began to play.

Additive Process by Professor Lafferty is an album with ten incredible songs. If you ask me to pick my best track from this album, I’ll be so confused. The reason been that, all songs on the album are a stunner. Just when you thought the best music in his album is fizzling out another comes in and blows your mind away. The first time I listened to this album, I was like “OMG, who is this guy” my friends were like this is the new guy on the block. I was visibly impressed.  Every track in additive process is a engaging and well written. Yes, the production needs some work but what catches my attention is the varying lyrics and instrumentals throughout the album

Although it would be hard to pick the best track off this album, I think my favorite would be “A marginal victory” Believe me when I say there is something about this track I kind of connect to a lot. Grab this album and you wouldn’t agree any less. In terms of lyrics, production, instrumentals and vocals, Additive Process is simply a must have album for every lover of good music lover out there.

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