Cre Riggins – Better Days: A Debut of Soulful Groove

Better Days is the first single released from R&B Soul singer Cre Riggins’ EP ‘In Remission’, and it may very well be the most perfect balance of soul and groove I’ve ever slipped into.

There was a tad too much reverb added to the vocals in parts which impeded Cre Riggins’ raw vocal style from shining through Yet, Better Days is still a stellar track which won’t fail you to leave you in a blissful state of resonance as you drink in the soulfully inspired lyrics and melodically cathartic progression of the instrumentals. The use of acoustic instruments alongside digital effects gave Better Days an authentically accessible sound right from the off-beat guitar intro which pops right the way through the progression around the rattle and snares of the 808 beats.

You can check out Cre Riggins latest single Better Days for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now, make sure to follow the singer songwriter to keep up to date with the latest drops from her EP.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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