Musical Scores To Films Yet To Be Made

Rock music has always been about the show, the otherness, the theatre, the escapism. Which is why the best of it feels like the score to films, films still to be made but which paints scenes and scenarios win the listeners mind. And like film scores the music has to embellish, heighten and drive the action taking place in the listener mind and Khaylan’s majestic new single Dancer does just that.

 It is in such regions that rock comes closest to classical music and here the dark majesty of the likes of Wagner are writ large across a sonic canvas, but the weight and delivery also encroach on the star-crossed romance of goth, the weight and intensity of metal and even the lush soundscaping more associated with dream-pop. But at its core it has all the trappings of the rock and metal you would expect and flashes of white hot guitar, pulsing back beats and dynamic interplays that take the song from minimal reflection to heart wrenching drama and back again are all hard at work. Maybe this is the way films will be made in the future, at least in the fringes where art and music mix, that the score will be made first and then interpreted by the film maker to create the story. If that happens Khaylan will have a job for life.

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