Ell Thomas – Elevate: A Tsunami of Hip Hop Synergy

When it comes to Hip Hop Rap artists, they’ve either got it or they haven’t, Ell Thomas is definitely the former as proven by his latest track Elevate which was released on March 9th, 2018. The up and coming artist teamed up with producer Thovo to create his flawless track, that doesn’t even wait for the first verse to start bouncing. Elevate has all the Kanye glamour whilst being a gritty, compelling track that you just can’t help being drawn into. Despite the heavy use of repetition in the track, I absolutely adored the lyrics. They bring a tsunami of Hip Hop synergy to the track, proving that Ell Thomas no way belongs on the underground.

Elevate was just one of Ell Thomas’ standout tracks from his 2018 debut album ‘Independent Soul’ in which he explores themes of pain, loss, ambition and love through his uniquely soulful Hip Hop Rap styling. The passion that Ell Thomas puts behind each track is palpable, there isn’t a weak bar to be found in any of his tracks.

If you like your beats heavy and your lyrics raw, you can check out Elevate along with Ell Thomas’ other dope tracks on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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