Michael Rhodes “Feel It” Is Packed With Fun

With “Feel It”, Michael Rhodes set out to create a sound that feels organic, direct and more importantly, packed with fun! This song immediately stands out for its positive energy and great vibes. The melodies are simple, yet really memorable and easy to fall in love with. I love the beautiful dynamic range of the vocals, which can go from high falsetto to a lower, more intimate register. Feel It is a perfect combination of stunning pop melodies, R&B vibes and beautiful percussive elements.

The song’s mix is excellent, with a particular focus on allowing the many amazing vocal layers to really stand out. Besides the vocals, the beats are also one of the most important traits in this particular track. I love the claps and tambourine hits adding clarity and precision to the groove. This is a track that was certainly meant for dancing, and I love the infectious rhythm that really compels me to tap my feel and get moving!

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