Chords of Eve bring in the future of psych-pop with their intimately ambient single ‘Butterfly Machine’

Psychedelia comes in a spectacular array of guises, making the genre less about the sound and more about the sensation, under Chords of Eve’s nuanced prowess, it’s a meditative foray into electronically-crafted ambience complete with vivid sci-fi imagery.

The delicately inviting vocals meld into breath-arresting synth-led progressions, and despite the sonic quality of the soundscape, there’s a magnetic sense of intimacy which allows you to follow suit and feel without pretence as you listen.

Chords of Eve may have only been conceived in 2019, but the American multi-instrumentalist, Atlas Cage, is already making massive waves with their unique fusion of alt-electro-pop and trip hop.

Butterfly Machine is available to stream via Spotify.

Follow Chords of Eve to stay up to date with news of the forthcoming LP of the same title which is due for release in Summer 2021.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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