Maxxid – WAVES: Ukulele-Based Chill Hop Beats

The ukulele will probably never be the most popular instrument in the world, for the most part, that’s due to Folk artists orchestrating grating jangly melodies.

But ukulele-based chill Hip Hop beats? That’s something that everyone needs to hit play on at least once. So, it’s a good thing up and coming Hip Hop artist Maxxid has recently dropped their Lo-Fi vibe-out track “WAVES”. Aptly, the track is hypnotically wavy. As the beats work their way around the intricately transcendental melodies, Maxxid lays down his harmonically magnetic soft vocals which make you realise that Hip Hop and poetry aren’t all that loosely connected. Especially when a ukulele was thrown into the mix.

Naturally, we’re all too excited to hear what Maxxid serves up next – with their pioneering approach to contemporary music, pretty much anything is possible.

You can check out Maxxid’s latest single WAVES for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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