Mark Gunner releases their second acoustic folk-pop single “Now I’m Here”

Finding an acoustic folk-pop artist whose soundscapes perceptibly standout from the rest is no easy feat, which is why it was more than refreshing to check out Mark Gunner’s second single “Now I’m Here”.

The minimalistic instrumental arrangement in Now I’m Here is extremely efficacious in feeding you primal and organic rhythms at the same time as utilising plenty of spatial effects to allow Mark Gunner’s morose lyrics and vocals to echo in the spaces between the delicate notes.

The woody, intricate and light textures within Now I’m Here, allows the single to unfold as an eccentrically sweet soundscape, while Mark Gunner uses his distinctive vocals as a captivating strength. God knows we have enough Ed Sheeran assimilations on the airwaves, but Mark Gunner is poles apart from aural mediocrity.

You can check out Mark Gunner’s stunningly endearing single Now I’m Here for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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