MARENIKAE Stands Out With Pop Track “Remember”

We’ve all got our instances of pop music that we adore. It may be that one beat you always dance to, that one artist’s voice or that structure that you just feel comfortable in while moving through your own routine. While some people are fine sharing their affinities, others stay secretive. The idea of a guilty pleasure can be sad because not only does one feel off-put by sharing something they enjoy, but also shows that they feel off-put with themselves for enjoying something. For anyone who wishes they could get into a fashionable-sounding pop singer that was a bit less tame and a little more attitude, Marenikae delivers.

Remember is a song that’s produced with all of its T’s crossed and all of its I’s dotted. The beat is tight and enjoyable, the bass bounces but doesn’t overtake too much attention, the strings lay in the back, adding a lovely veneer to the piano. The singer herself has a voice that is soulful but not pompous, powerful but not shrill. Marenikae can sound like your professional recording artist while she lets loose lyrics that will make your head spin. Bluntly honest with a hint of threat and profanity, Marenikae stands out by doing everything else the proper way while putting forth what she wants to say in an unashamed and confident manner. This is a track that may share a lot in common with other pop songs, but it’s the artist that’ll make you remember.

-Paul Weyer

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