Lucretia Death forged her industrial vampcore metal signature in blood in LIKE BATHORY

As scintillatingly seductive as Angelspit and Zombie Girl and with all the attitude as My Ruin, Lucretia Death’s latest single, LIKE BATHORY is a dark electro hit that you won’t dare to forget.

As murderous as God is a Girl with a Butcher Knife, LIKE BATHORY pays homage to a Hungarian serial killer Countess who shed the blood of up to 650 victims before history enveloped her with vampiric lore. The hypnotically caustic downtempo industrial beats effortlessly gel with her scathing declarations of monstrous affinity and narrations of evil by the hand of one of history’s most bloodthirsty.

The Phoenix, Arizona-residing solo artist brings the night to life through her sonic signature of industrial vampcore metal. This project began in April 2022, after the artist darkened the airwaves in various solo and collaborative conquests. Her most notable performances include performing at the Denver Vampire Ball and several other Vampire/BDSM events in Denver, Colorado.

LIKE BATHORY will be available to stream from January 27th via SoundCloud.

Follow Lucretia Death for updates and live performances via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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