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Can You Help Me: PsychoStar scours deeper for salvation on Awful Kind

Lacerated sharply from the 5-track Enigmatic EP, PsychoStar sends us into a horror-like disposition which shall tear the hair from most arms with an eerie single to shock many cores into a ghost-like world on the brand new visuals for Awful Kind.

PsychoStar is a Phoenix, Arizona-based A51A/BloodFang Records-fused rock band who are the kind of act that summon spirits from the underground and are a forceful outfit that rattles poisonous snakes into submission.

With an abundance of heavy tones to cut nails down to the bone, PsychoStar has brought something different to the plateau to ravenously munch on without a fork. This is the type of song which will put chills on spines and break delicate hearts into tiny pieces.

Awful Kind from Phoenix, Arizona-based rock band PsychoStar is possibly one of the most fierce tracks made so far in 2023. There is a dark energy at play here which will fascinate some and scare many. Conquering all ears with a tremendously hectic single which will shock plugs into a frazzled state and get hearts beating faster, to add an extra blanket of anxiousness to frazzled souls.

If you like music with a knife-like edge, this will certainly hypnotise those who like scary juice at 3 am.

Check out this movie-like music video on YouTube.

See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Wave Indie Came Crashing in Through the 80s Cinematic Atmosphere in LUXTHEREAL’s Latest Single, She Said

The unforgettable Phoenix, Arizona alt-rock outfit, LUXTHEREAL, is on cuttingly sharp new wave form once again with their latest single, She Said. Any fans of Psychedelic Furs and Echo and the Bunnymen will undoubtedly want to add the nostalgic-for-the-80s amalgam of new wave, power pop and art-rock to their playlists.

The soaring vocals add an ardent edge to the sample-driven music universe orchestrated by LUXTHEREAL to abstract us from our own existence defined by our mortal coil and existential dread. With guitars as atmospheric as the ones that ring across Lips Like Sugar between the riffs and guitar hooks that carry as much emotion as the strident vocal lines, She Said is aural escapism at its finest.

She Said was officially released on January 27th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lucretia Death forged her industrial vampcore metal signature in blood in LIKE BATHORY

As scintillatingly seductive as Angelspit and Zombie Girl and with all the attitude as My Ruin, Lucretia Death’s latest single, LIKE BATHORY is a dark electro hit that you won’t dare to forget.

As murderous as God is a Girl with a Butcher Knife, LIKE BATHORY pays homage to a Hungarian serial killer Countess who shed the blood of up to 650 victims before history enveloped her with vampiric lore. The hypnotically caustic downtempo industrial beats effortlessly gel with her scathing declarations of monstrous affinity and narrations of evil by the hand of one of history’s most bloodthirsty.

The Phoenix, Arizona-residing solo artist brings the night to life through her sonic signature of industrial vampcore metal. This project began in April 2022, after the artist darkened the airwaves in various solo and collaborative conquests. Her most notable performances include performing at the Denver Vampire Ball and several other Vampire/BDSM events in Denver, Colorado.

LIKE BATHORY will be available to stream from January 27th via SoundCloud.

Follow Lucretia Death for updates and live performances via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Windows Up: Christopher Hurst knows he is the only competition on Picture Me

Blowing smoke to the blues and keeping his motivated attitude, Christopher Hurst is at his gritty best as he steers us through the mentality needed to succeed on Picture Me.

Christopher Hurst is a Phoenix-based Boston-raised indie hip hop artist who keeps things as raw as possible on each of his trailblazing

Thriving with so much intent and guiding us through this cinematic-like story to reminisce with, Christopher Hurst cuts through the past and smiles into the future where all his dreams await. Pulsating throughout and forcing many chills to appear all over our naked spines, we find ourselves meshed inside a proper story stuffed with lessons for us all to learn from.

Picture Me from Phoenix-based Boston-raised indie hip hop artist Christopher Hurst is an introspective track with a heat-filled missile to rocket rather swiftly into. Dusting off the haters and showing us he will survive no matter what, this is an honest song which will strike the heart of many.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Face To Face: Louis On Tour wishes she could be proved wrong on Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

It's Pronounced /Lou•ee/ by Louis on Tour

With their first full-length album Don’t Hit Kids on the way soon, Louis On Tour returns with an excellent soundtrack to those who have dealt with a strained relationship on Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys.

Louis On Tour is a Mesa, Arizona-based indie punk 5-piece band who is known as one of the best live acts in their area and makes a potent blend of electrifying music.

Formed in 2018 by guitarist Nick Kahlor and guitarist Jesse Martinez after their high school band broke up, the 2 rascals eventually (through no small effort) found the lovely Sam Green to accompany them on drums. Tyler Stumpy Beck soon joined on bass, and eons later (the heat death of the universe soon approaching) Shana Backman joined the band as lead vocalist/lyricist in November of 2021.” ~ Louis On Tour

Returning with a sharp track that is laced with a piercing sound of quality for our ears to lock into, Louis On Tour is on top-quality form with a scintillating performance that might have you closing your eyes and meditating for a while.

With introspective lyrics that are well-constructed and take you into a stressful situation, there is a pulsating production on offer that will get you edging the volume up higher and pressing repeat.

Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys from Phoenix, USA-based indie punk 5-piece band Louis On Tour is such an honest single that will probably make your heart shudder at the truth attached. This is the story about knowing that a relationship has sailed the waters forever, no matter how much you wanted to make it work. Sadly familiar, right?

In a world where way too many people only make moves for selfish reasons, this is a reminder that you can only try for so long.

Listen up on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An Assortment Of Pictures: Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT astounds on new single ‘Supercritical’

With a progressive sound that feels like it belongs in an intense movie where we are about to see the twist, Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT returns with his high-energy mix that will have your heart quivering swiftly on ‘Supercritical‘.

Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT is a classically-trained Pittsburgh-born, Phoenix-based modern jazz composer who fuses in rock, metal, EDM, ska, and world music.

His favourite composers include John Zorn, Alfred Schnittke, and Richard Wagner, with whom he identifies for their eclecticism and unpredictability.” ~ Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT

There is no one in the world quite like Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT. Launching like a catapult with a style of music that has been laced with so many different genres it is hard to name them all, he shows us the inner workings of his racing mind that is always looking for that extra edge.

Supercritical‘ from the wildly creative Phoenix-based modern jazz composer Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT, is a fascinating combination of soundscapes that seems to smash through all self-doubts that were inside you before. With a speaker-booming experience for us to enjoy, this is a new track that certainly wakes up your ears and assists in getting your whole body moving for the exciting adventures ahead.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time Passing Me By: Dagani feels like he is losing his mind on the sensual ‘Sweet Talk’

As he wonders why they don’t want to trust him, Dagani feels like this game-filled romance is causing so much unnecessary pain to surface unexpectedly on the superb new single ‘Sweet Talk‘.

Dagani is a youthful Phoenix, Arizona-based indie Pop/Punk singer-songwriter. He writes excellently expressed lyrics that has your fluttering heart feeling so much warmer, as the love stories keep you gripped the whole way though.

While having a knack for music his whole life Dagani has just now started finding his own and who he is with his sound.” ~ Dagani

His fresh vocals heats up the airwaves as you remember back to when you were in love but it all broke down on the highway like a tired car. The tidy beat has you feeling rather enthralled the whole way through too – as you feel the drenched emotion rolling through the speakers from a soul that cares – who wants that deep soulful and meaningful love.

Sweet Talk‘ from the highly motivated Phoenix, Arizona-based indie Pop/Punk singer-songwriter Dagani, is that I-wish-things-could-be-simple-again as your love for her is so strong. The core trust bridge is on fire and while you are trying to calm the winds down, you are somehow unintentionally making things worse. This is that love story that keeps it real the whole way through, in a world that seems so much more complicated than before.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Remember Where You Started: Arizona’s Victims of the New Math bring us an inspiring lifeguard moment to float with on ‘You’re Swimming’

Taken off the latest four-track EP called ‘Heading to the Suburbs‘, Victims of the New Math urge us to turn our mindsets around from the negative to remind us that ‘You’re Swimming‘.

Victims of the New Math is a compellingly down to earth Phoenix, Arizona-based 70’s inspired lo-fi rock act lead by Thomas Young.

With several album and EP releases over the past 15 years, the band has incorporated other diverse influences ( Glam rock, New Wave, psychedelic rock, lo-fi rock, and indie rock) to create a unique sound that never quite fits prescribed genres or styles.” ~ Victims of the New Math

With an honest tone and compelling lyrics that have you suddenly feeling so introspective about those moments you wish you could take back, the message here is to look forward as you are floating anyway. The seas will always calm down eventually once the tide changes – as you move forward to brush off any sticky seaweed – that is holding you back from progressing your soul to better times ahead.

You’re Swimming‘ from Phoenix, Arizona-based 70’s inspired lo-fi rock band Victims of the New Math, shows us a story about being sad about something ending, but being self-aware enough to know that the bad times won’t last. With a glaze-filled ambiance that has you feeling like you are in a movie on this tremendous new single, this is something rather specially-made with that rare class of yesteryear.

Hear this new track from the experienced Arizona native up above in the Soundcloud and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She My Electrolytes: Phoenix rap duo BoogieLo zooms through on playful ‘X4LIFE’

With a she-loves-me-now-she-loves-me-not energy BoogieLo are ready for adventure after being locked away for too long and head out for a road trip from state to state on their new entertaining single called ‘X4LIFE‘.

BoogieLo is a Phoenix, Arizona-based hip-hop duo. They make that fresh blend of music that wraps skillfully from their life, as they bring us real stories about each day in this very strange world we live in.

For us, music is a way to express who you are as an individual while also connecting with others.” ~ BoogieLo

With a quick-flow style that keeps things real smooth like the fade, they rap with a quality style which has you nodding your head to their exciting new track. Made with a busty beat which is full of hop-in stories of travel, with smart lyrics that showcases their top notch mentality.

This is the story of wanting to be together with this incredible woman, who keeps on changing her mind so much you worry that she might be your ex soon. Your soul just wants to go on adventures and can’t handle all the indecisions, which is really starting to tire you out.

X4LIFE‘ from the Phoenix-based hip-hop duo BoogieLo, is the terrific music video with an alt-rap vibe. This is the story of being with someone who likes you one second and then isn’t sure, as you try and wrap your mind around it all. Luckily you have you true team to help you along with the real journey after all.

Check out the new visuals via YouTube and see more news on their IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Coming For You: Arizona’s Orval Hill drops ‘High Anxiety’ (ft. Justin Loera)

Released as the lead track from his latest six-track EP, Orval Hill smashes into the speakers and raps with such force on ‘High Anxiety(ft. Justin Loera).

Anthony Enoch aka Orval Hill, is a writer, actor and hip-hop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. With a style of music that catches your attention fast and leaves you impressed, due to his crisply tuned flow and smartly penned lyrics.

This is a song that shows how he is ready for the next step of his career, his confidence is at an all-time high and he sweeps away all doubts with a self-assured nature. The flow is tidy and the beat different to the rest, as he breaks down the door and shows the world what they need to be listening to.

High Anxiety(ft. Justin Loera) from Phoenix, Arizona schizo rap artist Orval Hill, has you buzzing with perspective as he raps with a confidence that shows his intent, no matter what else is going on in the world. Featuring lots of solos and a buzz-saw style rap style that shreds through the competition, this is an underground effort that will please raw hip-hop fans.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen