Lucas Burn – 11th Floor: Electronica Meets Rap in an Ingeniously Immersive Aural Cocktail

Imagine a hauntedly immersive soundscape similar to what you could expect from London Grammar or Warpaint paired with pensive Rap bars and you’ll get a good idea of what Lucas Burn has cooked up with his latest single 11th “Floor”.

The up and coming artist has a perceptibly distinctive style right from the moment you hit play on 11th Floor which is just one of the singles from his EP “Hallway”. The slow and melodic electronic mix creates the perfect platform for Lucas Burn’s vocals to rest upon. The Polish-based artist has a sophisticated style which can easily be found in the depths of his lyricism. With the lyrics to 11th floor combined with the moody and atmospheric beats, it’s not all too likely that you’ll have come across a Rap artist like Lucas Burn before.

You can check out Lucas Burn’s latest single which was released on January 28th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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