Crashing Down: Manhattan’s Atira drops dreamy debut single ‘Somebody Else’

As she tosses and turns in bed worrying about something she can’t control, Atira worries that her true love is actually thinking about ‘Somebody Else‘.

Atira is a new Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/pop artist who after pushing herself and having the support of those close, has launched her music career and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

I’ve always had a dream of being an artist. My parents told me as a little girl I had a karaoke mic that I always held onto- and would provide my family with unlimited music and performances in our living room (even when they did not ask for it).” ~ Atira

Sung with a lovely blend of smooth honey-tipped vocals which gives you a calming taste in your hungry-for-love soul – she performs with a true love feel – that is truly worried about losing someone so special.

Everything we hear seems to genuinely effortless and ocean breeze-like, as the beautiful background soundscape takes you into her story that has her worried that someone else might lure her special human, away from her when she is sleeping.

She writes songs that resonate with her experiences growing up across four countries and dealing with constant change, struggles in relationships and love, and overcoming challenges with identity/self-discovery.” ~ Atira

Somebody Else‘ from the Manhattan, New York-based indie RnB/pop solo artist Atira, is the true story about thinking so deeply about something it actually happens in your dreams. You are so concerned that your lover could be with someone else, when actually they could just be thinking about you. This is that hold-me-tight type of track when you need some reassurance, that things are actually going well despite what your over-stimulated mind is picturing.

Sometimes you just need to hear their voice, just to work out if all is still the way that it should be.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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