Harry Bodley-Scott offers solidary to anyone locked in a cycle of unhealthy idealisation with ‘Instagram’


Harry Bodley-Scott tends lyrically delve deeper than most singer-songwriters, the London-residing artist’s latest indie-pop single, ‘Instagram’, is the perfect example.

While it is no revelation that social media can be an alienating toxic cesspit, the evocative indie pop rap vocals paint a poignant picture of just how unhealthy being locked in a cycle of idealisation can be. Whether you feel empathy or solidarity, you’re sure to feel something while lyrical blows such as ‘I’m in love you, but you’re just a fucking idea now’ hit.

The sparsely accordant instrumentals leave plenty of room for the vulnerability and honesty for Harry Bodley-Scott’s vocals to lure you into the progressive single which may have started in the archetypal acoustic pop genre, but as the track grooves towards the outro, you’ll start to pick up on reminiscences to the likes of the 1975.

Instagram officially released on February 26th; you can hear it for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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