Lotusbliss – Beautiful Monotone: Pop Indie-Rock

‘Beautiful Monotone’ is the debut single by the UK indie-rock act lotusbliss and you have got to love both their band name and song title. Both certainly sound promising.

This is a melancholic track and is subtly driven by the guitar, while it does not lack some electronic components. The stand-out thing of ‘Beautiful Monotone’ is how the two male singers cross their singing beautifully. I mean, I’m not aware if they operate with two lead singers, but on this song, they seem like they do. The drumming is discreet & really that 3-chord slow-tempo riff it is what this composition needs. The song has a cinematic feel, you can picture a witty independent film that’s about teenagers who are madly in love, use this song on a scene that projects an emotional outburst.

This is a great start for the trio, I hope that they will release more songs of this caliber in the future.

If you don’t believe that the Indie-rock scene of the United Kingdom has died out during the late 2000’s (Franz Ferdinand, where are you at?) and that bands like Wolf Alice carry the torch, give lotusbliss a chance. Listen to them here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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