Aayushi – Diamond Child: Ambiently Reflective Acoustic Folk


Aayushi’s Folk Acoustic sound is one that bleeds vibrant naivety through the complex chord progressions that lift her so far above the average singer songwriter. The up and coming UK artist takes influence from musicians such as Elliot Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Bright Eyes. The 21-year-old musician has a deft approach to creating her delicately composed songs that pay close attention to the emotion captured through her perfectly penned lyrics.

It’s no wonder why Aayushi’s latest debut single Diamond Child has received over 35k streams on SoundCloud alone. Her ambiently resonant tracks creates the perfect sound to lift you into a higher plateau of aural alchemy. Diamond Child is somewhat of a paradox, as it somehow manages to be minimalistic, yet huge through the bewitchingly resonant cacophony created through her electric guitar paired with her stunning vocal abilities which wouldn’t be out of place on a Radio 1 Live Lounge album. Aayushi has raised the bar for every girl with a guitar to rise above, you can check out Aayushi’s universally adored track Diamond Child on SoundCloud, her music is also available to purchase from Bandcamp. Your mates are probably already listening to it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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