Locian became the architect of art-rock therapy with his sophomore single, Power

Artistic intensity is tempered by the dialectical quiescence in the stormily tender confluence of art-rock and trip-hop in the sophomore single, Power, from Sydney’s most promising breakthrough artist, Locian.

Aching reverberations course through the lush architecture of the syncopated progressions, providing the ultimate juxtaposition of discomfort and ease to pay a fitting tribute to the complex interplay of ennui and self-imposed affliction. Locian’s vocals, caressing with each whispered breath, provide the ultimate permission to surrender to the therapeutic virtues of this flawlessly poignant release.

By building into a corrosive industrial electronica sequence towards the outro, which becomes a sonic visualisation of the disorientating soul-tearing nature of self-destructive internal narratives, Locian ensured that Power hit with maximum impact.

If your introspection is more torturous than waterboarding, break free from the poisoned rumination through the resounding philosophy within Power; it’s far cheaper than therapy.

Power will be available to stream on all major platforms, including SoundCloud from May 10th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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